Our Board of Directors

“Business in Action”

It is no secret that both small and large businesses face the same challenge to do more with less. Businesses must therefore devise innovative solutions to meet capital needs and co-create experience and value. Today, the BCAZ is in a much stronger position than ever before and are ready and prepared to assist you in achieving your business, financial, and competitive goals.

The BCAZ has had a long history of dedicated service and servant leadership and the people involved today are no exception. We have quickly become one of the largest and most talked-about African American organizations in the Valley, and with growing support of other organizations such as yours, together we can make a significant impact.

The objective of “Business in Action” is to:

We encourage you to join us at upcoming events, engage with the membership, and take full advantage of your Chamber! Join us today, and together we can effectively and efficiently reach, support, empower, and sustain the Black business community now and in the future.