The series is designed to meet companies where they are today and equip those companies for a stronger future. Whether the goal is to stay local or go global, this series will help business owners determine where they want to go and how to get there. Economic Development Signature Series components are designed and executed based on the feedback received from BCAZ members and supporters. In addition, this series will provide educational workshops, trainings and enhanced procurement opportunities.

Business Basics

• The Legal Framework – Should you be an LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp or Partnership

• The Role of the Bookkeeper vs. the Accountant (and why you should or should not do this yourself)

• How to Set Up Your Financial Account/Banking Options

• When and How to Grow: Hiring Employees vs. Using Independent Contractors

• Working with Government Agencies (how to identify procurement opportunities)

• Marketing 101 (email domains, marketing, social media, pen vs. paper, email marketing)


• South Central Light Rail Expansion

• Sky Train Phase 2 Subcontracting Opportunities

• How to Set Up Your Financial Account/Banking Options


• West Coast/Southwest Outreach


• Where You Are Going and How You Can Get There