Category:  Non-Profit

Department: Development

Supervises others: No

Reports to: Development Officer

Employment status: Part -Time temporary for approximately 200 hours beginning June 1, 2023 and ending on or before September 30, 2023.

FLSA status: Nonexempt

Benefits: Not benefit eligible

Starting salary: $18/hr

Location: Phoenix

Remote Eligible: No

Telework and Flexible Schedule Eligible: No. 

Position Specific Competencies

Service Orientation - Proficient level of competency

  • Anticipates and identifies constituents' wants, needs, and concerns. 
  • Presents a welcoming, professional, and positive demeanor.
  • Communicates with the public to provide information about Free Arts.
  • Communicates with donors as needed, and Free Arts development staff.
  • Supports development team by providing data entry and entry verification. Generates development reports and assesses accuracy alongside development officer.  
  • Supports development and marketing department goals as assigned.
  • Back-up support for development and marketing staff 

Detail Orientation - Proficient level of competency

  • Demonstrates thoroughness in accomplishing a task through concern for all the areas involved, no matter how small.
  • Monitors and checks work or information, plans and organizes time and resources efficiently.
  • Supports development by assisting with data entry, data verification, and report generation  

Organizational Competencies:

Mission Focused - Proficient level of competency

  • Promotes the transformative nature of resilience-building arts programs.
  • Makes business decisions grounded in the mission.
  • Promotes healing nature of art, creativity & healing.
  • Advocates for the interests for children & partners.

Communicate Effectively - Proficient level of competency

  • Ensures that others involved in a project or effort are kept appropriately informed.
  • Tailors communication content, tone, and method (verbal written, email, phone, etc.) to audience.
  • Seeks to fully understand before responding.

Instills Trust - Proficient level of competency

  • Consistently delivers on commitments, demonstrating both competence and credibility internally and externally.
  • Actions are aligned with intent and words.
  • Involves people in decisions that affect them.

Collaborative - Proficient level of competency

  • Prioritizes organization and group objectives over individual goals.
  • Provides assistance and support to others to help them reach their individual goals.
  • Expresses disagreements constructively and works toward solutions that are mutually beneficial.

Self-Management - Proficient level of competency

  • Demonstrates the ability to maintain composure.
  • Takes initiative and acts without waiting for direction with available information.
  • Accepts responsibility for gathering information, taking action and results.